In a violent confrontation between farmers and local authorities, Catholics defended their land with guns and mines shooting at local police and military on a controversial land revocation. Local bishop voiced great concerns on the incident.

In his recent letter dated Jan. 14 to the pastor and the congregation of Suy Neo parish, Hai Phong Bishop voiced his support and called for justice being done on Peter Doan Van Vuon and his family, the latest casualty of the Vietnam government's land policy gone haywire.

Msgr. Joseph Vu Van Thien of Hai Phong, upon hearing the news about Peter Doan Vuon and his extended family being subjected to a government's wrongful eviction, sent a letter to Fr. J.B. Ngo Ngoc Chuan, the Parish Council and parishioners of Suy Neo, Hai Phong diocese to express his concerns for Peter Doan Van Vuon whom the prelate called "someone with good background and a zeal for parish religious activities"

Mr. Doan Van Vuon who has been all over the news these days for his surprised reaction against the provincial government's plan to evict 40 hectares of land he and his family in 1993 had got government's permit for usage of the area and invested their life savings and loans in building a levee, transforming the alluvial, coastal line into aquaculture farms in order to help create jobs prevent oceans fierce storms so devastating to the area during the monsoon season.

His courageous and selfless action has made him a local hero among many local peasants and fishermen who have been spending their lifetime battling the ocean waves unsuccessfully. However when his fruit of labour was about to bring profit, the local authorities in 2009 arbitrarily decided to recover the entire farm land. On Nov 24, 2011 they issued an ultimatum for Doan Vuon to move his business out of the area or face forced eviction.

On Jan 5 the authorities sent armed forces which are supposed to be deployed during combats and police to enforce the eviction the Doan family out of their private home which did not locate within the area subjected to eviction despite Mr. Doan's appeal process being underway. This action was the last straw that drove the Doan family into fighting back to protect their private properties with BB guns and handmade bombs which caused non-life threatening injuries to the military men who trespassed their properties.

The arrest and prosecution of Doan Vuon, his brothers, his son and nephew has caused uproar not only among the local residents but also the public throughout the country, many of whom are influential people such as former President of Vietnam, Deputy Minister of Nguyen Quoc Thuoc, a former army general and a Congress member and many intellectuals. They have expressed their concerns over the infamous eviction for fear it can make bad impression on the image of the government. Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung, however, has signed a document which called for the local authorities to "strict handling of people who fight against the law enforcement" and to "ensure the safety of the cadres, police, and all those who participated in the process of preventing of fighting against crimes" without any mentioning about the measures to protect ordinary citizens who are victims of wrongful eviction.

Bishop of Hai Phong in his letter expressed a humane concern for the Doan family by sending his representative and the parish pastor to visit and deliver his gifts to Doan's elderly parents. He called for everyone in his diocese to "offer support and prayers to the Doan family", and urged the authorities to "handle the matter in a just, legal manner to protect Mr Doan’s legitimate rights and honour" as the Lunar New Year is approaching.

In the latest development, local authorities have destroyed Doan’s house and bulldozed it to take revenge on the casualties of their men.