A statement from Vietnamese Redemptorists in Saigon announces that Vietnamese Redemptorists are going to hold candlelight vigils for Vietnam in Hanoi and Saigon on the weekend.

Candlelight Vigil in Saigon Redemptorist Monastery
Published on June 3, the statement explained the meaning of the vigil highlighting the severity of the security situation of the nation: “Intruding Vietnam's continental shelf on May 26, 2011, a Chinese marine surveillance vessel severed the cables used for oil exploration from Binh Minh 2 ship, right in Vietnam waters. The spoke woman for the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mrs. Jiang Du herself had confirmed this information.”

“This is not the first time China shows deliberate attempts to bully and threaten the territorial integrity of Vietnam waters but rather a series of actions that no Vietnamese can find acceptable,” it continued.

“In wake of the danger of our Fatherland being on the brink of war, out of the love for our home country, Vietnam's Redemptorist province and Redemptorist monastery in Saigon invite all priests, men and women religious, all religious orders, and people of goodwill to come join us at a candlelight-vigil /mass to pray for our home country, for Vietnam's territorial integrity in both land and waters at 18:30 on Saturday, Jun 4, 2011 in front of the shrine of Our Lady of Perpetual Help, located at 38 Ky Dong, 3rd district, city of Saigon.”

Similar vigils are also held in the Redemptorist monastery in Hanoi.

The intrusion of China in Vietnam's territorial has caused waves of outrage among the Vietnamese both at home and abroad. The Vietnamese government had officially sent out letters in protest against the action. Vietnamese are calling for peaceful demonstrations in front of the China Embassy (in Hanoi) and of the China Consulate in Saigon to protest Chinese invasion.

Moreover, according to Radio Free Asia, businesses and tourist industry throughout Vietnam are boycotting those with Chinese nationality: They declare not to do business with or to provide services for Chinese, and travel tours to China are being cancelled.

In Hanoi, a young man set his China made motor bike on fire across the street from the China embassy.