Reports from Archdiocese of Hanoi indicated that Catholics who had been arrested on April 4 were all released.

Lawyer Le Quoc Quan, Dr. Pham Hong Son, a non Catholic, and others who had been arrested while trying to observe the trial of a famous dissident two weeks earlier were released on Wednesday April 13 despite reports on State media days before stating that they would be prosecuted since police had gathered enough evidence against them.

At least 29 Catholics were arrested at 8 AM on April 4 morning when they were on their way to the court-house to observe the proceedings against rights advocate Cu Huy Ha Vu. Police raided the house of lawyer Quan, a member of the Committee of Justice and Peace of the Vietnamese Episcopal Conference, turning everything upside down and confiscated his computers and documents along with a safe box. A similar search was also conducted at Son's residence.

A large screen shows how Catholics were beaten and arrested out side the court
The arbitrary arrests of police against people attending the court, and the lack of due process in the conduct of the trial to which all defendant lawyers walked out of the court to protest serious violations of the law during the proceedings prompted a statement from US. State Department.

It had been reported by numerous eyewitnesses, shortly before being arrested those Catholic individuals were closely stalked, their cell phone use monitored and they subsequently manhandled roughly, even bystanders who came to their rescue had been subjected to beating repeatedly until they had to let go of the victims in order to avoid being severely injured.

Fr. Joseph Nguyen told Asia-News that the release only happened after a series of protest vigils broke out in various dioceses in northern Vietnam. "Vietnam government seems wanting to diffuse tension that has been gaining momentum so fast among Catholics after recent crackdowns and arrests," he added.

Immediately after their release, Quan, Son and their spouses had came to several churches in Hanoi to give thanks to priests and Catholic comunities which have been offerring their continual supports and paryers for their safety and release.

A Thanksgiving Mass was celebrated at Thai Ha church by Redemptorists. The ceremony which drew a large crowd, was attended by so many non-Catholics.