Violence against Con Dau Catholics have soared up with dozens of parishioners have suffered hours-long interrogations. State media fabricates that local bishops has given full support for the government to seize parishioners’ properties.

On Christmas Day, Da Nang Newspaper, the mouthpiece of Danang Municipal Communist Party Committee, reported that on the previous day, Nguyen Ba Thanh, the municipal Party Committee’s secretary paid a visit to Bishop Chau Ngoc Tri of Danang.

Thanh, reportedly, “briefed on socio-economic development of the city and informed the prelate planning orientations, especially at Con Dau parish”. The newspaper went on reporting that “Bishop Chau Ngoc Tri thanked the city’s authorities for the visit expressing his full support for the city’s policies and his regret on what had happened at Con Dau”.

The report seems to be a preface for immediate crackdowns against the parishioners.

Speaking to Asia-News, the prelate rebuffed the fabricated story. “As a shepherd, I have the duty to protect my flock. I have and will never agree with anything against the legitimate rights of my people,” he said.

The reign of terror on this 85 year-old Catholic community keeps escalating despite international’s condemnations.

On Dec. 15, in congressional hearing, Rep. Chris Smith (R-N.J.) urged President Obama for a resolution designating Vietnam as a Country of Particular Concern (CPC).

He said that Vietnamese Police broke up a Catholics’ funeral procession on May 4 to prevent parishioners from burying an 82-year-old woman in the parish’s cemetery, which had been seized by the local government to build a tourist resort.

“They beat over 100 mourners, arresting dozens and deliberately beat two pregnant women so as to kill their unborn babies.”

“A pall bearer at the funeral by the name of Nam Nguyen was later kicked and bludgeoned to death by police in July while his wife knelt in front of them, begging them to stop,” he added.