To whom it may concern,

My name is Sr. Maria Ngoan Thi Nguyen, currently being Mother Superior of the Order of The Lovers Of The Holy Cross Of Thu Thiem Vietnam.

I am petitioning to the appropriate authorities and people of goodwill to extend your hands in helping us to avoid from facing a grave risk of losing our legitimate properties by the government of Vietnam.

In 1975, our convent in Thu Thiem was forced to let the communist government borrow three Catholic schools, that had been run by our congregation for years, with the conditions that they would be used for educational purposes, and that should they are no longer needed for educational services they would be returned to our convent.

The government, however, did not keep their promise and the facilities were misused.

Since Oct 22, 2015 until this day, the government of District 2 has sent a mass of police officers and construction workers over to smash and level off our school buildings. This action does not comply with the terms both sides -the government and our congregation - agreed upon.

Our sisters are now present day and night at the site, with the determination to protect our properties at all cost since they have been the fruit of our predecessors' hard labor who had put in a lot of effort to establish. Our generation's duty is to preserve it.

Our sisters are requesting the government to return justice to our congregation.

Please stop your unjust action of robbing.

Thank you,

Sr. Maria Ngoan Thi Nguyen