VATICAN City, June 29, 2012—After establishing online presence of the Catholic Church on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube, the Holy See is now setting up its own social networking site to better communicate with the world’s 1 billion Catholics through various multimedia platforms.

Answering the Holy Father’s call for new evangelization, the Pontifical Council for Social Communication, the Pontifical Council for New Evangelization and H2Onews have partnered in setting up Aleteia: Seekers of Truth (

Aleteia, which means “truth” in Greek, claims to be an accessible multimedia online reference for Catholics on their faith-related questions and concerns so as to “help quench the thirst of those seeking the truth.”

Members—referred to as friends—of Aleteia are encouraged to post any question about faith, life and society. The site promises to give “clear, documented and multimedia” answers on all subjects related to the Catholic Faith.

“We want people to know, understand and experience what we believe in as Catholics, and invite every seeker to find with us the right answers,” the creators of the site said.

The answers provided by Aleteia are “prepared by experienced journalists with the help of specialists” and may come in the form of articles, videos, podcasts, references, and the selected sites related to each topic.

More than virtually gathering Catholics online, Aleteia hopes to extend the Church’s reach to those dealing with faith-related doubts and reservations.

“Aleteia is intended to promote a worldwide dialogue on faith, and is designed to leverage the vast Catholic networks around the world so we can extend our reach to all those seeking truth,” the creators added.

The site is still under construction but creators are planning on formally launching it on September 21. Creators of Aleteia are inviting journalists, bloggers, and educators to partner and contribute contents and publish their works at the site.