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No. 01/13-TG
Xa Doai, Sept 5, 2013

re: Nghe An provincial government utilized violent force to crackdown on faithful.

The Bishopric of Xa Doai formally confirms, notifies and vehemently opposes (to what happened ) in a serious incident which took place on Sept 4, 2013 on the ground of My Yen parish (diocese of Vinh), Nghi Phuong commune, Nghi Loc county, Nghe An province as follow:

1. Nghe An provincial government had deployed hundreds of public security agents, mobile police forces, militia, and "hooligans" armed to the teeth and accompanied by professionally trained dogs to cause chaos and beat up My Yen parishioners brutally when they were gathering peacefully in front of the office of People's Committee of Nghi Phuong commune expecting to pick up two family members namely Ngo van Khoi and Nguyen Van Hai. These two parishioners were abducted and arbitrarily detained by Nghe An police since June 26, 2013. This has been viewed as action to cover up wrongful, illegal arrest by Nghe An police during an incident taken place on their way to Trai Gao on May 22, 2013, also to deny the promise to release detainees of the government at various levels signed on Sept 3, 2013.

The matter has become more serious when the government forces rushed into civilians' homes, smashing religious statutes and icons on the altar, vandalizing their ancestor altar, assaulted and arrested innocent people, resulting in chaos and bewilderment, and discontentment among the people. Especially, there were at least 30 ,among them many women were seriously injured. Many were in critical condition and still fighting for their lives. All victims have been receiving emergency care at the General Medical Clinic of Xa Doai Bishopric, 115 Hospital, and Friendship General Hospital of Nghe An.

2. The Bishopric of Xa Doai vehemently condemn Nghe An authorities in their utilizing violence as mean to repress people, seriously violating human dignity, health and lives, as well as their religious belief. We strongly oppose the fact that the authority did not respect the truth in the event on May 22, 2013 by their denial and distortion of the Bishopric of Vinh diocese' s willingness to initiate dialogues in defending the rights of citizens and protecting social justice.

3. The Bishopric of Xa Doai urgently calls on all faithful of Vinh diocese and those who are

peace lovers for their communion in praying for the victims of this repression and speaking out to defend justice.

We demand the government at all levels to conduct as in a state under rule of law.

Urgently confirming and reporting,

O/B of The Bishopric of Xa Doai
Rev. Paul Nguyen Hieu