Protesting the Vietnamese Communist Government's Land Concession to the Chinese

In the past week, Vietnamese people around the world were stunned by the shocking news that the Communist government of Vietnam, through the puppet parliament, was going to vote for the approval of 3 special economic zones, of which Van Don in the far north of Viet Nam; Van Phong in the Central, and Phu Quoc in the Southernmost tip of Vietnam for the Chinese and foreign investments for 99 years.

This is a blatant and inconsiderate action by the Vietnamese communist authorities. The special economic zone, along with special privileges would include unregulated circulation of foreign currency, unregulated casino enterprising with freedom to export money abroad, personal income tax exemptions or corporate tax privileges with a minuscule income tax rate, self-governing and self- operating with a Chief being appointed by the (foreign) government, freedom to buy and sell land and properties to foreigners or leasing for a long period of time. With projects such as Bauxite, Formosa, Binh Duong. .. where the Chinese communists have been exploiting. will be obvious to see how Vietnamese territory is shrinking!

The Special Economic Zones allocated to the Chinese such as Bauxite and Formosa though located in Vietnam but are being operated separately. Any Vietnamese without a special permit can not enter, the local government is not authorized to control or monitor any activity inside the premises. The establishment of a military base or the construction of a weapons factory is absolutely possible.

This is the time when we, the Vietnamese at home or abroad, must definitely speak out to oppose the Communist Party's of Vietnam decision, and do all we can to rescue the country from the yoke of the Chinese rule drawing near.

We, therefore:

- Invoke the patriotic spirit of the Vietnamese people, call on everyone to stand together to fight for our homeland's territorial integrity, at the same time call on representatives of the Vietnamese National Assembly to side with the whole nation by voting UNAPPROVE the authorization of the Special Economic Zones to Chinese foreigners.

- Strongly condemn the Communist government of Vietnam for selling our country to China through the disguised leasing of the Special Economic Zones to the Chinese Communist Party for 99-year.

- Demand the Vietnamese communist authorities to defend our islands and land territory our fathers had worked so hard to build.

- Earnestly call on all the Vietnamese compatriots to stand up and fight for Vietnam our beloved home country from the yoke of the Communist traitors, escaping the foreigners' aggression threat.

Little Saigon, California June 7, 2018

The Vietnamese Interfaith Council in the USA

* Chief Administrator Hà Vũ Băng (Caodaism )
* Rev. Mai Biên (Orthodox)
* Rev. Trần Văn Kiểm (Catholic)
* Rev. Trần Công Nghị (Catholic)
* Most Venerable Thích Minh Nguyên (Buddhism)
* Professor Nguyễn Thanh Giầu (Hoa Hao Buddhism)
* Mr. Trang Văn Mến (Hoa Hao Buddhism)
* Rev. Nguyễn Xuân Hồng (Episcopal)
* Rev. Lê Minh (Reformed Presbyterian Church)