Vatican City 2013-07-01 - Pope Francis will travel on the morning of the 8th of July to the Italian island of Lampedusa. According to a communiqué released from the Holy See Press Office, the Holy Father has been
deeply touched by the recent sinking of a boat carrying migrants from Africa, the latest in a series of similar tragedies.

While on the island the Pope will pray for those who lost their lives at sea, he will also visit survivors and refugees, encourage inhabitants of the island and appeal to the responsibility of all to ensure that proper care is taken of these brothers and sisters in great need.

The Holy Father is scheduled to celebrate Mass at 10am at the “Arena sporting ground. After the celebration he will make a brief visit to the parish of San Gerlando before departing the island for Rome by helicopter.

It is noted that due to the particular circumstances, the visit will take place in as discreet a way as possible.