Thai Ha parish held prayer vigil for Poland and its Catholic Church

Thousands of Thai Ha parishioners came to light candles and prayed for Poland and its Catholic Church at the Saturday evening mass.

Upon hearing the devastating news of the Polish government delegation's fatal plane crash, More than two thousands Thai Ha parishioners in Hanoi had gathered on Saturday 4/10 at the evening mass officiated by Redemptorist Fr Peter Nguyen Van Khai to light candles and prayed for the country and its Catholic Church at the death of the Polish president Lech Kaczynski, his spouse and their 95 travel companions.

Vivid in the minds of Hanoi diocesans are the letters and prayers from the Catholic Church of Poland and others who stood by them in the trials of life especially during the Dong Chiem crisis last January in which the Polish "National Day of Prayer", dedicated to the Vietnamese Christians by Polish church had left a positive impression on Thai Ha parishioners. Now it's the Vietnamese turn to offer condolences and support to their Polish friends and fellow Christians at the massive and tragic loss of their leaders and fellow citizens.

Fr. Peter Khai has also called upon the congregation to stay in solidarity and keep praying fervently for Poland and its people to overcome this ordeal sooner rather than later.

The mass had ended with a candle light vigil in which Thai Ha congregation had dedicated Poland and its Catholic Church to Our Lady of Perpetual Help and to God with the hope that through Holy Mother's intercession, God will bless Poland with a speedy recovery from this tremendous loss and suffering.