Script: During his Easter Morning mass in St. Peters square, Pope Benedict called on us to open our spirit to Christ, who has died and is risen in order to renew us, in order to remove from our hearts the poison of sin and death, and to pour in the life-blood of the Holy Spirit: divine and eternal life.

The Pope said The Easter proclamation spreads throughout the world with the joyful song of the Alleluia. He told Christians to sing it with our lips, and let us sing it above all with our hearts and our lives, with a manner of life that is unleavened, that is to say, simple, humble, and fruitful in good works.

He said since Christ, as the true Lamb, sacrificed himself for us, we too, his disciples – thanks to him and through him – can and must be the “new dough”, the “unleavened bread”, liberated from every residual element of the old yeast of sin: no more evil and wickedness in our heart.