“The Venezuelan people are not warmongers"

Caracas, Mar 6, 2008 / 06:28 pm (CNA).- The Archbishop of Caracas, Cardinal Jorge Urosa Sabino, has called on President Hugo Chavez and other Venezuelan officials not “to interfere in the diplomatic conflict between Ecuador and Colombia,” as “it is a problem that they must resolve, and we should not get involved in the matter.”

ĐHY Jorge Urosa Sabino
In speaking to the press, the cardinal pointed out that “there is a very serious problem between Colombia and Ecuador” and “only between those two countries, and I am sure that they will find solutions amidst the difficulties that have arisen from the events.”

“Let us have great serenity, an attitude of great moderation because many things are in jeopardy,” Cardinal Urosa said, emphasizing the negative effects that the closing of the border and the mobilization of troops have on nearby towns, generating anxiety “in the hearts of the soldiers and their families.”

He encouraged “the parties involved to meet and hold talks with the help of intermediaries in order to avoid the outbreak of armed conflict,” and he stressed that “the Venezuelan people are not warmongers and we should keep to that position. My call is to calm, to resolve differences peacefully, through dialogue and coming together so that there is no anxiety in the Venezuelan people.”

Likewise, Cardinal Urosa expressed his hope the situation would only be a “passing storm” and sent his blessing to “authorities, to all members of the military forces who are in a very difficult situation and above all to each Venezuelan so that we may all be builders of peace.”