Pakistani police were given a court order on Feb. 18 to investigate the kidnapping and forced conversion of a young Christian woman, the victim's lawyer said. “After four months of inquiry, the court has accepted our plea,” Sardar Mushtaq Gill, a Christian lawyer and rights activist told UCANEWS. The hearing was held at a lower court in the town of Pattoki, Punjab province. Gill filed a writ petition on behalf of 22-year-old Nabila Bibi's family last October after police refused to lodge a complaint against her kidnappers. Four armed men abducted Bibi when she was in the company of her mother and sister in Pattoki last September. The men later told police that Bibi had converted to Islam and married one of the kidnappers on her own will. Bibi's father Bashir Masih said that his daughter was threatened with death and forcibly converted. The threat of death continues, he said. “My daughter has been told that if she renounces Islam and reconverts to Christianity, she will be declared a murtad (apostate), an act which deserves nothing but death,” Masih told UCANNEWS. After police refused to lodge the complaint against the kidnappers the family approached the courts. Around 1,000 girls are forcibly converted to Islam in the south Asian country every year, said a June report by the Aurat Foundation.