Every year children around the free world enjoy the comedy Christmas story of Dr. Seuss' “How the Grinch Stole Christmas!” and feel sorry for children whose Christmas presents were stolen by a titular creature which held grudge against Christmas celebration called the Grinch. In Kontum, Vietnam, this had become a reality since a Church group of volunteers were turned away, sought after and assaulted for bringing Christmas presents to the orphan children and the poor in remote areas of the province.

Rev Tran Si Tin, C.Ss.R, pastor of Nhon Hoa Catholic congregation of Gia Lai-Kontum province, Kontum diocese, had just filed a report on Christmas Eve of 2013, denouncing the unspeakable crime of human and religious rights violation committed by none other than the local head of Ayun commune against a group of Church volunteers who on Dec 17 were delivering blankets donated by the public to the orphan children in Ayun commune. Their mission was carried out on behalf of Fr. Tin who was too old and not physically fit for the job in the high ground areas. Unfortunately the group were stopped midway, and ordered by local police to return home without finishing the job they set out for. Worst yet, the leader of the group, Kpuih Bơp of Plei Chep was particular targeted, followed and tortured by Dat Van Nguyen a communist party's head of Ayun commune. Bop suffered from multiple internal injuries and had to be admitted to the hospital.

"There has been no freedom in Ayun commune. Since this is a remote area Catholic activities are often prohibited therefore anything related to religion would receive such vicious reaction by (officials). We cannot mention religion in this commune" Fr. Tin frustrated.

Vietnam has just been given a seat at the United Nations Human Rights commission on Nov. 12, 2013, but do they comply and follow the Human Right standard in their country or just play a dirty game with the Human Right Commission?