Minya - After President Morsi’s speech – who on Tuesday evening, July 2nd reiterated his firm intention to remain in power until the end of the term, obtained with democratic elections - "the people are disappointed and fear the outbreak of a spiral of violence and are waiting to see what move the army will carry out at the end of the 48 hour ultimatum, a deadline set by the army to resolve the country's political crisis and is set to expire". This is how the Coptic Catholic Bishop of Minya Botros Fahim Awad Hanna explains to Fides the climate of uncertainty and concern the Country is living due to its political and social crisis that threatens to escalate into civil war. Clashes between millions of anti-Morsi and pro-government groups linked to the Muslim Brotherhood have already caused more than ten victims and hundreds have been injured.

Anba Hanna confirms that "in the projects that have been circulating these days about how to manage the transition phase after perhaps Morsi’s withdrawal, there are those who hope of some form of involvement also on behalf of the University of Al Azhar and representatives of the Coptic Church as forces capable of contributing to a balanced solution to the crisis". The Coptic Catholic Bishop of Minya redimensions drastically alarms circulated on cases of sexual violence that seem to have occurred in Tahrir Square and other places involved in the demonstrations of the oppositions: "The news has been exaggerated. There was an episode or two. To spread the word of dozens of violence against women in the streets in revolt are always sources close to the government and the Muslim Brotherhood, taken uncritically in the West. It is a smear campaign to tarnish the image of the millions of demonstrators who took to the streets these days with a very specific purpose: to express opposition to the government and ask President Morsi to withdraw from power". .