The International Federation Of Catholic Universities To The Catholic Institute Of Viet Nam

On Friday, March 3rd, 2017, Professor Francois Mabille, Secretary General of the International Federation of Catholic Universities (IFCU) and Ms Monserrat Alom, the Project Chief of the Center for the Coordination of Research, visited the Catholic Institute of Viet Nam (CIVN). During the morning Professor Mabille and Ms Alom toured the facilities of the Institute. In the afternoon they had a meeting with Bishop Joseph Dinh Duc Dao, the Rector of the CIVN, Bishop Joseph Do Manh Hung, an Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of Ho Chi Minh City and Father Vincent Nguyen Cao Dung, the Secretary General of the CIVN. The meeting was very informative and fruitful for both parties.

Professor Mabille stated that the goal of their visit was to better inform the IFCU about the CIVN, especially about its needs and current challenges. He indicated the desire of the IFCU to support the CIVN effectively.

The Rector presented a brief overview of the Institute including its founding, goals, administration, faculty, programs, admission requirements and other activities. The Bishops pointed out some of the challenges that the CIVN is facing which includes developing an Online Library, strengthening the English Language Program, and providing continuing education for the faculty. Professor Mabille stated that the IFCU will be able to assist the CIVN by providing Professors of English as well as e-books for the Online Library Project. In addition they will assist students of the Institute in research methods to develop effective ways to educate and serve the youth.

The IFCU was established in 1924, recognized by the Holy See in 1949 and by the United Nations in 1952 as a Non-Profit Organization. The IFCU currently has 221 members, including Catholic Universities and Institutes. Its mission is to promote experience and skill exchange among Catholic institutions and to contribute to the development of Catholic higher education and to the assertion of its specific identity.

Sr. Hồng Sáng